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Louis Vuitton made a $370 luggage tracker

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To go with your your $4,300 suitcase

In the past year, Louis Vuitton has been dipping its toes into fashion tech, starting with introducing its $2,450 Tambour Horizon smartwatch last summer. Now, it’s released something a bit more accessible (but still ridiculous) in price: a $370 luggage tracker called the Louis Vuitton Echo. The device lets you track your suitcase via the LV Pass app, available on both Android and iOS, and it comes with a three-year service subscription to Sigfox. The Sigfox subscription allows you to the track your luggage at various airports globally.

Once you land, the app notifies you of the position of your luggage and whether it was opened during the trip. The LV Echo is meant to work with the luxury brand’s Horizon line of suitcases, and it has a light sensor that detects when your luggage is opened. This works when the device is inserted along the Horizon luggage’s hinge in the dedicated elastic band. The device also has an automated built-in airplane mode so it doesn’t transfer data while in flight. Airlines like Delta have played around with luggage tracking before using RFID tags.

The device is relatively minimal. The only branding on the black bar is the LV logo at the top, and the stick has a light sensor, a battery indicator, an on / off switch, and a charging port. The LV Echo charges via Micro USB, and Louis Vuitton states it has six months of battery life from a one-hour charge. The company notes that Sigfox is planning to add more airport connectivity, so you’ll be able to track your suitcase at more airports in the future.

While the cost is a bit steep, if you’re already paying $4,300 for an LV suitcase, a $370 accessory is arguably one of the cheaper goods you’ll walk out of a Louis Vuitton store with.