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Expanding your Switch with DIY Lego accessories seems like a natural next step

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Who needs cardboard?

Nintendo’s upcoming Labo cardboard accessories for the Switch look really fun. But if you can’t wait another few weeks to build your own cool Switch gizmos — or rightfully recognize that Lego is a far superior building material than corrugated paper — you can get started on your DIY projects a little earlier with Lego Switch accessories (via MotherBoard).

The Lego Switch accessories come from YouTube vmln8r, who took a 3D-printed Switch accessory rail (like how the Joy-Con controllers attach) and modified it so that he could attach Lego Technic pieces instead. From there, the sky is the limit: vmln8r used Lego pieces to build a functional stand for the Switch (instead of Nintendo’s terrible one), a controller grip, a steering wheel controller mount, and more.

Interested DIYers looking to build their own can start with the basic 3D-printed rail here, but you’ll need to modify things further to add the Technic-compatible mounts, which vmln8r sadly doesn’t include instructions for. Assuming you already have access to a 3D printer, actually printing out the Lego-compatible grips should be dramatically cheaper (think $15 to $20) than a $69.99 cardboard kit from Nintendo. Who needs Labo?