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Mophie’s new $60 charger fixes some problems from the original, but is still too expensive

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At least it charges slightly faster

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Mophie has announced a new wireless charger, the Wireless Charge Stream Pad Plus, via MacRumors. It’s essentially an updated version of the Wireless Charging Base that the company announced in partnership with Apple when the iPhone maker first launched the iPhone X and iPhone 8 with wireless charging last year.

Like the Wireless Charging Base, the Wireless Charge Stream Pad Plus is a Qi-based wireless charger, but unlike the earlier version — which has the hallowed position of being one of the two chargers that Apple sells in its stores — the updated version offers a full 10 watts of wireless charging, instead of the 7.5W maximum that the Wireless Charging Base offered. That boils down to allowing faster charging on devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S9, which has a faster Qi fast charge option, compared to Apple’s iPhones, which top out at 7.5W.

Is that a useful update? Sure. But there’s also the argument that Mophie should have just supported the higher specification to start with, instead of sticking with Apple’s slower speed. The Wireless Charge Stream Pad Plus does fix another major problem that the Wireless Charging Base had — it uses a standard MicroUSB cable instead of the proprietary connector that the original model used. But it’s frustrating to see that Mophie still isn’t using USB-C here.

And it still doesn’t address the biggest issue: at $59.95, it’s still too expensive compared to other wireless chargers to be worth considering over cheaper options from companies like Anker, RavPower, or Samsung. It’s nice to see Mophie actively improving its wireless charger offering, but Wireless Charge Stream Pad Plus doesn’t look like it goes far enough to justify the price tag.