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The iPhone X gets a RED leather folio

The iPhone X gets a RED leather folio


An unspecified percentage of sales will go toward The Global Fund HIV and AIDS grants

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Image: Apple

Apple announced a new iPhone X leather folio, which comes out tomorrow. It’s a $99 leather phone case that was “specially tanned and finished” in Europe. The case has an outer flap to cover and protect the screen. Apple also announced red versions of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus today.

When you buy a Product (RED) device or accessory, an unspecified percentage of the proceeds will go toward The Global Fund HIV and AIDS grants. The grants focus on preventing mothers from passing on the virus to their babies.

Last year, Apple also released a red model of the iPhone 7, which was also associated with HIV and AIDS charity. In China, however, the RED branding was noticeably missing, and the phones were just marketed as red-colored phones, with no mention of HIV or AIDS donations. Analysts at the time speculated the omission was due to government sensitivity over the topic of HIV and homosexuality.

The iPhone 7 red models were later discontinued globally once the newer iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus became available. These new red devices and accessories have yet to come to China, but it will be worth observing whether the RED branding follows the products this time around.