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ZTE’s new concept phone has two notches and clear corners

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Image: WinFuture

ZTE was probably thinking “two is always better than one” when designing its new concept phone, and deciding to add two notches. The ZTE Iceberg, as it’s referred to, has a notch on the top and bottom, according to renders shared by WinFuture, leaving the rest as an edge-to-edge display. The bottom notch contains the phone’s front-facing speaker, while the top notch contains a selfie camera, a sensor for ambient light, and an earpiece for phone calls.

ZTE doesn’t stop the experiment there. Weirdly enough, the Iceberg also has raised edges of glass on each corner that give the phone a more angular look than the typical smartphone. It makes the phone look a little like it belongs in a museum as a futuristic artifact or like it’s encased in ice, hence the name Iceberg.

More conventionally, the ZTE Iceberg has dual rear cameras and a fingerprint sensor on the back. It also has a port for a smart connector, which could possibly turn the phone into a boombox or zoom camera, like you can do to a Moto Z phone through Moto Mods. The phone may come next year, but there’s no guarantee it will ever become more than just a concept.

Image: WinFuture