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Olloclip’s new camera lenses for the iPhone X don’t require a special case

Olloclip’s new camera lenses for the iPhone X don’t require a special case

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Olloclip, a mobile accessory company, is launching a set of iPhone X camera lenses today. The Connect X lens system, as the company calls it, includes a new mount that covers both the dual rear-facing cameras and the front-facing camera. (It also covers the TrueDepth camera, so you’ll have to remove either the mount or lens to use Face ID.)

The mount allows for interchangeable lenses, so you can swap them out between the front and back, including over the telephoto lens. It also ships with a little stand that folds into a tripod, although it’s a little tricky to set up. The starter box set, which includes the mount, a fish eye lens, a super-wide lens, and a macro lens costs $99.99. It’s currently available on and Amazon. It’ll eventually come to Apple stores this June. Don’t worry that you only see two lenses in the box: the fish eye lens includes a screw cap that you can remove to access the macro lens.

You don’t need a special phone case to use the lenses, although Olloclip sells a slim one for $29.99. Your old Olloclip lenses won’t work with the iPhone X mount, so you’ll have to buy new ones, unfortunately. You can buy them outside of the starter pack for between $59.99 and $79.99.

I tested a starter kit at Beautycon Festival NYC this month and took some photos of my nails. You can see the macro lens here:

The Verge

It’s hard to focus with these super close-up lenses because you have to remain still while also getting everything into focus. I couldn’t do it perfectly.

Here’s the 180-degree fish eye:

The Verge
The Verge

It’s about what you’d expect.

And finally, here’s the super-wide lens (on the left) as compared to a regular photo taken on an iPhone X.

The Verge and The Verge

The lenses work well. My only gripe is that they’re difficult to swap out. It’s hard to click them into place, especially if you’re on the move. I always thought I’d drop my phone, the lenses, or the lens caps. It’s a lot to carry at once, even in a more compact form factor. I wish the macro and fisheye weren’t on the same lens piece because I never use the macro. I’d rather have the fisheye unscrew to unveil the super-wide lens. I’d get way more use out of that combo.