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An Apple Watch can now be used to activate bike signals on the Lumos Helmet

An Apple Watch can now be used to activate bike signals on the Lumos Helmet

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Lumos is adding a smart new feature to its blinking bike helmet today: the ability to be controlled by an Apple Watch. Lumos’ helmet has turn signals on the back that are usually activated by a wireless remote clipped onto a bike’s handlebar. Now, Lumos Helmet owners will be able to automatically trigger those signals by using hand gestures instead, as long as they’re wearing an Apple Watch, too.

It’s a clever feature, especially since Lumos wearers should theoretically still be signaling with their hands, anyway. So removing the need for buttons means less thing they have to do.

Remember to keep your helmet charged

After installing Lumos’ Apple Watch app, the Watch will record how its wearer makes their left and right turn gestures. When they make them in the future while the app is running, it’ll activate the corresponding signal on the helmet. The Watch will vibrate to remind wearers that it’s still blinking, and they’ll have to shake their hand to turn it off. The helmet is supposed to automatically detect when you’re braking, so there doesn’t appear to be a gesture for that.

The only shortcoming here might be that you’re limited to signaling with whichever arm you wear your Watch on. That’s going to be fine for many people — bike signals are traditionally done with the left hand — though that may not always be ideal if you prefer to signal turns with both arms. (And on a more general note, you’ll have to remember to keep both the watch and helmet charged to keep all this working.)

The helmet sells for $180 and just went on sale at Apple Stores. The Apple Watch app also allows the for rides to be tracked and synced with Apple’s Health app and Strava.