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Motorola patent shows foldable phone with case that can double as a wireless charger

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Image: LetsGoDigital via SlashGear

Motorola also wants to get in on the foldable phone trend. It recently received a patent for a smartphone that can fold out into a tablet, similar to what other foldable phone patents propose. The patent was filed back in 2016 and granted in March, as spotted by SlashGear.

The most distinct thing that sets Motorola’s idea apart from other companies’ foldable phone patents is that it wants to add a case cover over the smartphone. The case cover would protect the screen, fold over to support the phone as a stand, and provide wireless charging.

The smartphone can fold out into a tablet, with the screen facing the outside, so that it can lay completely flat on a table, unlike other flexible models that can’t. But as always, since it’s a patent, we don’t know if Motorola will ever actually bring this neat idea to market as a real product.