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Microsoft to replace Surface Pro 4 tablets affected by screen flickering

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The company couldn’t find a software or firmware fix

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft is formally launching a replacement program for Surface Pro 4 devices affected by screen flickering. Any Surface Pro 4 units experiencing the problem will be covered for up to three years from the time of original purchase. “We have heard your feedback and after careful examination, have determined that a small percentage of Surface Pro 4 devices are exhibiting a screen flicker that cannot be addressed with a firmware or driver update,” the company said on its support page with details on the program.

The annoying flickering has been well-documented on Microsoft’s support forums, with some users taking drastic steps like putting their Surface Pro 4 in a freezer to temporarily fix the issue. Back in February, Microsoft said it was closely monitoring the situation, and the company came to the conclusion that there’s no convenient fix.

You know something’s wrong when users are freezing their gadgets to fix an issue.
George Visvikis

Some customers have already paid for a screen replacement to stop the flickering since the problem typically arises when a machine is out of warranty; Microsoft says they’ll be “offered a refund.” The company notes that this three-year coverage doesn’t extend to other problems your Surface Pro might experience outside the warranty period; it only applies to the screen issue. Replacement devices are refurbished — not brand new — Surface Pro 4s.

The so-called “Flickergate” has been yet another knock against the Surface line, which has been targeted by Consumer Reports for showing poor reliability over the years. Plenty of Microsoft’s devices work wonderfully, but for those that don’t, the company is now trying to do the right thing.