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Republic Wireless’ Relay LTE walkie-talkie for kids is now available

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A cell phone for kids that can only talk to one person

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Photo: Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is finally launching Relay, its LTE and Wi-Fi-equipped walkie-talkie for kids that’s meant to offer a cell phone alternative for parents who want the ability to keep in touch with their kids, without the dangers of a full-fledged smartphone.

You’ll be able to pick up a single Relay for $99, a pair for $149, or three for $199, although you’ll also have to pay $6.99/month for service for each Relay. There’s also a free Relay app for both iOS and Android that parents can use on their regular phones to communicate with a child’s Relay, so you won’t have to carry a second device just to check in with your kids.

The device itself is somewhere between a smartphone and a walkie-talkie — it can only communicate with push-to-talk functionality with preset partners, but it works with both Wi-Fi and LTE for far greater range, just like a phone can. Is it a little much to have a bespoke device to stay in constant communication with kids? Maybe. But for parents looking for a way to do that without committing to a full cell phone, it could be a good option.

Relay is available now from Republic Wireless’ website.