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Master & Dynamic’s MW50+ headphones can convert between on-ear and over-ear styles

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Decisions are hard, so why bother choosing?

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Master & Dynamic is releasing the MW50+ today, a slightly updated version of its MW50 headphones that brings an intriguing twist to the company’s product lineup: the ability to swap between on-ear and over-ear styles in a single pair of headphones.

The original MW50 headphones were specifically designed to bring the iconic style of Master & Dynamic’s MW60 to a smaller and lighter on-ear style. The MW50+ is the same basic hardware, but comes with easily swappable ear pads to switch between the two styles of headphones at a moment’s notice. Both the old on-ear and newly introduced over-ear pads are made from lambskin-covered memory foam and attach magnetically, making it simple to swatch them out. It’s a seemingly minor upgrade, but for users who hate having to decide between the on-ear and over-ear headphones, it’s likely to be a welcome one.

The rest of the MW50+ seems to be the same as its predecessor, with 40mm drivers, a touted 100-foot Bluetooth range, 16-hour battery life, and USB-C charging. And owners of the original MW50 headphones aren’t getting left out, either — Master & Dynamic will be selling the swappable over-ear pads separately later in June, although price has yet to be announced.

The MW50+ is available today to order from Master & Dynamic for $399, or $50 more than the exclusively on-ear MW50.