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Samsung’s gold and burgundy Galaxy S9s look lovely, but aren’t coming to the US

Samsung’s gold and burgundy Galaxy S9s look lovely, but aren’t coming to the US

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Photo: Samsung

As a fan of HTC’s Solar Red U11 and Nokia’s bright yellow Lumia 1020, I’ve been known to favor phones clad in warmer colors, so Samsung’s newly announced Sunrise Gold and Burgundy Red Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus variants have me intrigued. Samsung is introducing a new satin gloss finish for the gold edition that — hyperbole alert — “wraps the smartphone in a tranquil glow and glimmer.” Moreover, “this sophisticated finish was developed to appeal to all users by bringing a stylistic touch of high fashion and urban interior design to a user’s mobile device.” Or you could’ve just said it’s gold and looks quite pretty.

The burgundy edition is said to have a “restrained gloss for added density,” though I’m really not sure exactly what shade of red it is, owing to the confusing inconsistency between Samsung’s promotional images. The red in the image above, which I like better, is a bright, almost pink color, but the red that Samsung is talking about, and the one pictured below, is a much deeper shade. In any case, this is all of borderline academic importance, because Samsung only intends to sell the burgundy Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in China and South Korea, starting this month, with no announced changes in specs or capabilities.

The gold Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will be made available from June in Australia, Chile, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam, with further markets to be added “soon” after that. So there may still be a chance that the US will get the golden S9 option eventually, but for now, the choice for Americans (and a majority of Europeans) remains between the black, blue, and purple Galaxy S9s.