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Onkyo’s receivers will work with Sonos, thanks to upcoming June firmware update

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The number of Sonos devices will nearly double

Image: Onkyo

Thanks to a firmware update coming to a plethora of receivers from Onkyo and its brands — Integra, Pioneer, and Pioneer Elite — they will all work with the Sonos app. The official list of supported network AV, stereo receivers, and processors will be announced in early June along with the firmware update and availability.

This power move is the result of the “Works With Sonos” initiative, which allows third-party manufacturers like Onkyo to not only mimic a Sonos speaker but also interact via mixing or creating groups, syncing with the Sonos app without requiring a hub.

For example, you could integrate your older Onkyo hardware with the Sonos app alongside any other Sonos-compatible hardware you have to create a better, higher-fidelity sound system at home.

It’s great news if you’re interested in the Sonos ecosystem but don’t want to spend hundreds on new speakers. This planned firmware update is a precursor to Sonos’ June event in San Francisco, where it’s likely Sonos will mention the upgrade in some way.