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The CX Sport is an athletic alternative to Sennheiser’s wireless earbuds

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They look very similar to the non-sport option

The CX Sport are Sennheiser’s latest wireless headphones, joining the CX 6.00BT and HD1 Free (which I just compared earlier this week), but designed for more athletic activities.

You can tell this because, despite looking almost identical to the CX 6.00BT (which is, in turn, extremely similar to the HD1 Free), the CX Sport has the word “Sport” in the name, and also comes in a bright yellow color scheme with some extra rubber fins. The CX 6.00BT, for reference, has a blue color scheme and no fins, but otherwise appears to be the exact same hardware, down to the six-hour battery life and Bluetooth AptX support.

The main difference — aside from the color — is that the CX Sport is said to be “splash- and sweat-resistant,” which Sennheiser doesn’t claim about the other models.

The CX Sport will be available from Sennheiser in June for $129.99 — slightly more than its $99.99 CB 6.00BT counterpart, and slightly less than the step-up $199.99 HD1 Free.