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LG will add ThinQ branding to the year-old G6 for some reason

LG will add ThinQ branding to the year-old G6 for some reason


LG Mobile’s wits are thinning, it seems

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Image: LG Canada

LG’s smartphones have not been the best as of late, lacking the polish to go up against the best Android heavyweights. AT&T won’t even carry the upcoming G7 ThinQ, and it’s been a longtime carrier partner of LG’s flagship devices for the past few years.

So, color me surprised when LG Canada announced that it will be rebranding the year-old LG G6 as the “G6 ThinQ,” as if to unify the brand’s public perception after the fact. The French version of LG Canada doesn’t reflect the branding change, nor does LG America. Unfortunately, this has been done before with the LG V30, which became the “LG V30 ThinQ.”

Also, if you’re wondering what “ThinQ” refers to, the general consensus is that it applies to LG’s AI and smart features, which have been shown in their TV lineups and in products like fridges as far back as 2012.

LG, here’s some advice: never use a superscript to name a smartphone... or change the name of a phone a full year after it launched.