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The first 4K, HDR, and G-Sync monitor is up for preorder, but it’s $2,000

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Personally, it’s 21:9 screens or bust

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Image: Acer

If you’re a PC gamer like myself, you appreciate high refresh rates, resolutions, and color accuracy. 4K “gaming monitors” have been on the market for years, but none of them were truly fulfilling those needs. But now, here is Acer’s Predator X27 4K monitor — the first to have the 4K, HDR, and G-Sync trifecta.

A 4K display with Nvidia’s G-Sync — a graphics card and screen synchronization technology — would be sublime, and this is exactly what the Predator X27 is.

Full 10-bit HDR support, 144Hz refresh rate, an epic 1,000 nits of brightness (most HDR screen top out at 600 nits), 99 percent coverage of the Adobe RGB colors spectrum, and a true 3840 x 2160 4K resolution makes Acer’s monitor one of gaming dreams.

Image: Acer

It also costs $2,000. The Acer Predator X27 monitor is available for preorder now at Newegg, with an expected launch date of June 1st.