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LG’s G7 ThinQ will cost more than a Galaxy S9 on T-Mobile

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Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

LG’s latest flagship, the G7 ThinQ, will be available for preorder at T-Mobile starting this Friday at 8AM ET. T-Mobile is also offering the phone in an exclusive raspberry rose color.

The G7 ThinQ will cost $750, or $30 down and $30 a month on an installment plan. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S9 only costs $720 at T-Mobile. The phone is coming to all brick-and-mortar T-Mobile stores on June 1st.

Sprint and Verizon don’t have pricing information available yet, and AT&T will not be carrying the G7 ThinQ since it’s going to launch another LG device exclusively this summer.