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Amazon’s Alexa will be preloaded on Acer’s new laptops

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‘Alexa, are you on my laptop?’

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Image: Acer

Hopefully you’re a fan of Alexa because Acer is planning to roll out Amazon’s virtual assistant across its PC lineup. The first systems with built-in Alexa include the Aspire 5, Nitro 5 Spin, Spin 5 (both 13-inch and 15-inch versions), Spin 3, and the Switch 7 “Black Edition.”

With this first group of systems, Acer is essentially blanketing the feature across the types of PCs it makes, including gaming, tablet convertibles, ultrabooks, and thin-and-light models.

Image: Acer

Alexa on Windows laptops will work the same as any other Alexa-compatible hardware. You can ask about the weather, handling your schedule, managing smart home devices, and more. I’d take Alexa over Cortana any day, but Acer and other PC manufacturers think otherwise.

The new laptops are available from Acer and its retail partners starting today.