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Razer announces a cheaper external GPU enclosure and support for macOS

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The Core X offers fewer features at a $299 price point

Image: Razer

Razer is updating its Core line of external GPU enclosures today, introducing a new Core X model and adding support for Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops with Thunderbolt 3 ports.

The Core X is designed as a new, entry level model for Razer’s external GPU line, costing just $299 (as opposed to the Core V2’s $499 price tag), although it loses out on some of the Core V2's more advanced features like USB and Ethernet ports and Razer’s Chroma lighting. That said, the Core X does offer some improvements over the Core V2, with 100W pass-through charging over Thunderbolt, an integrated 650W power supply (versus the V2’s 500W), and support for larger 3-slot GPUs (compared to the 2.2-GPU size on the V2.)

The Core X (and the Core V2) also works with Apple’s macOS laptops, in addition to the previously offered Windows 10 support, although Razer says that you’ll need to be running High Sierra 10.13.4 or higher and be using a Mac-compatible AMD Radeon card. It’s worth noting that Nvidia does make official drivers for many of its cards for Macs which might work even without OS-level support like AMD, but your mileage may vary and Razer — at least on paper — only recommends AMD GPUs for Mac use with its enclosures.

The Core X is available today from Razer’s website for $299, although like the Core and Core V2 before it, you’ll need to supply your own graphics card.