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BlackBerry teaser shows the KEY2 Android phone with dual cameras

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It’s not a fruit, but a phone brand

The BlackBerry KEY2 is the latest business-oriented Android smartphone from the company, teased in the below video and uploaded to YouTube today. The device appears to have a dual camera with LED flash setup, a physical keyboard, messenger apps support from BlackBerry Hub, Privacy Shade pre-installed, and for some reason, a new app drawer shortcut.

The KEY2 is the successor to the KeyOne, a phone that was brave for BlackBerry but not the best as a daily driver, functioning more as a collection of nostalgia with some productive features.

Image: BlackBerry

It’s tough to say whether the KeyOne was successful for BlackBerry Mobile; the device was part of just 850,000 total BlackBerry units sold last year though senior members of the team seemed satisfied with the device’s launch. We’ll see how the TCL-owned company does this time around when the KEY2 is unveiled to the public and the press on June 7th in New York City.