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This AirPods wrist holder looks goofy as heck

This AirPods wrist holder looks goofy as heck

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Here’s an idea: a wristband for AirPods. It’s simple and dumb and it basically allows you to forgo your AirPods case. You can buy this accessory feat, which comes from a company called Elago, for $14.99 on Amazon. This is the same company that created the retro Mac iPhone stand. It has lots of accessory ideas.

This AirPods holder also fits over a standard Apple Watch band, so you can always carry your AirPods next to your watch. This looks better than the band by itself. You shouldn’t wear the band with just AirPods because it doesn’t look great.

I get that carrying a case around is annoying, but have some pride in yourself and don’t wear your AirPods on your wrist.