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LG’s 2018 ThinQ TVs now support Alexa voice commands

LG’s 2018 ThinQ TVs now support Alexa voice commands


Just install the skill, and leave your remote on the table

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Image: LG

All of LG’s 2018 AI-enabled TVs (OLEDs and LCD-based Super UHDs) will now support voice commands routed through your existing Alexa gadgets including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Echo Plus devices. This includes all the critical TV controls, like volume, play / pause, start, stop, fast-forward, searching for content, and changing channels.

LG is calling the new Alexa skill “LG SmartThinQ Skill,” which is quite a mouthful, but so are the names of all its recent products. Just search for that in your Alexa app to install it. You can find a full list of all LG AI-enabled TVs here. LG’s 2018 ThinQ TVs also include Google Assistant integration, so now you have a choice of which AI technology to use — or just talk to both of them.