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AT&T won’t sell the LG G7 ThinQ

AT&T won’t sell the LG G7 ThinQ


The carrier says a different, exclusive LG device is coming later this year

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

AT&T said today it has no plans to sell LG’s new G7 ThinQ phone. Instead, the company says it’ll stock an exclusive LG device this summer. An AT&T spokesperson told The Verge: “We offer a strong lineup of devices from LG today. And we’re planning to launch a new LG device this summer only from AT&T.”

LG announced the G7 ThinQ at an event in New York City this week. The phone features the company’s AI Cam, which is also integrated into the V30S ThinQ, as well as a notch and a button dedicated to the Google Assistant. The company hasn’t announced a price or where the phone will be sold. It said it was waiting for carriers to disclose those details. So far, we know Verizon will sell the phone with preorders opening on May 24th; US Cellular will start carrying it on June 1st; Sprint’s preorders begin on May 25th; and T-Mobile will stock it at some point later this spring.