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HP’s new Omen 15 brings its gaming line up to speed

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Catching up and then some...

Image: HP

HP is bringing its Omen 15 gaming laptop up to speed with competitors by adding specs seen in other thin-and-light gaming laptops. The new Omen 15 weighs 5.56 pounds, which still puts it on the heavier side of hexacore gaming laptops, but makes up for it with better build quality that includes a metal chassis, thin bezels around its display, and a smaller footprint than its last generation.

Image: HP

Regarding specs, the Omen 15 will include my new favorite mobile processor, the 2.2GHz Intel Core i7-8750H (six cores with 4.1GHz TurboBoost); Nvidia GTX GeForce 1050Ti (with 4GB memory) or GTX 1060 graphics (with 6GB memory); 8GB or 16GB of DDR4-2666MHz RAM; a dual storage setup (128GB or 512GB SSDs and 1TB hard drive); a 15.6-inch IPS 1920 x 1080 screen at 60Hz or 144Hz (or there’s a 4K 60Hz option); a 70WHr battery with “up to six hours and 15 minutes” of mixed usage; and finally, a gaming-oriented keyboard that offers 26-key rollover and four lighting zones, but only for the Core i7 / GTX 1060 model.

HP’s strategy with the Omen computer gaming series seems to be price aggressively on what gamers would want, but only partially, as there’s no 144Hz refresh rate option by default on any of the models.

Image: HP

Pricing for the new Omen 15 starts at $979 for the GTX 1050Ti / Core i5 / 8GB RAM model, $1299 for the GTX 1060 / Core i7 / 16GB RAM model, and finally, $1699 for the GTX 1060 / Core i7 / 16GB RAM / 4K screen variant. These new models are not the most exciting specs-wise, but they do fit nicely into the sub-$2,000 gaming laptop market.