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River Bank is the stackable battery for everything you power, everywhere you go

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A giant 200Wh battery for laptops, Qi-compatible phones, power tools, and your car that’s safe to take on planes

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EcoFlow is back with a new battery solution that gets around pesky FAA limits through its new stackable design. The River Bank starts with a 99Wh main module featuring four Quick Charge USB ports (2x USB-A, 2x USB-C) and a 10W Qi surface letting you charge up to five devices at once. You can then combine with a submodule that adds an additional USB-C port and either a car jump-starter for a total capacity of 145Wh (300 watts of power) or an AC jack for a total of 198Wh (51,200mAh) and 400 watts of output to power things like guitar amps, projectors, and power tools while on the go.

EcoFlow, Anker, and others sell giant, 400+Wh batteries with all these features already, but you can’t take them on planes. The FAA and EASA restrict carry-on batteries to a maximum rating of 100Wh per battery, without any limit to the quantity so long as they’re for personal use. They do allow passengers to carry up to two 101–160Wh batteries but only with prior airline approval. EcoFlow cleverly sidesteps these regulations with its modular River Bank design.

River Power Station capabilities vs. River Bank with submodules.
Image: EcoFlow

According to EcoFlow, the $199 main module has enough power to charge a laptop twice, or a phone nine to 15 times. Those numbers jump to between 15 and 25 times by adding the $99 Car Jumper submodule that holds enough charge to jump a car more than 10 times, according to the company. The $149 AC submodule promises four laptop charges, 18–30 phone charges, or about 10 hours of electric guitar amplification. The company also offers solar charging options to go completely off the grid.

The River Bank modules are available to preorder today, with shipments to the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Australia expected to be fulfilled in June or July.