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The Major III offer improved sound and design of Marshall’s original headphones

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Available in both Bluetooth and wired versions

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The Marshall Major was the first (and, apparently, the most popular) of Marshall’s forays into headphones. Now, the company has unveiled the third-generation of its on-ear model: the Major III and Major III Bluetooth.

Like the Major II before it, the Major III is available in both wired and Bluetooth versions, and, at least visually, it’s pretty similar to the previous generation. But Marshall has overhauled a lot of the subtler aspects of the headphones to improve on the older model. Sound-wise, there are new 40mm drivers that Marshall says offer improved audio, and the company has adjusted the headband, hinges, and cushions with new designs that should result in a more comfortable fit.

The wired and wireless versions are virtually identical. The Bluetooth version features an extra button for controlling music playback, similar to other Marshall headphones, and a little extra weight due to the inclusion of a battery (which Marshall says gets around 30 hours of listening time).

The two headphones are available today from Marshall’s website. The wired version will cost $79, and the Bluetooth model will run for $150.