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Tivoli Audio is taking a cue from B&O Play

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Image: Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Audio typically sells vintage-looking Wi-Fi speakers and radios, but today, the company is expanding its lineup beyond those home devices and into more personal, portable gadgets. It’s announcing multiple products in a new line called Tivoli Go, including the Andiamo — a portable Bluetooth speaker — and the Fonico — truly wireless earbuds.

The shift into these design-oriented, more personal audio devices makes me think of B&O Play. The Andiamo looks just like something the company would make, particularly its A1 speaker. A prominent leather strap shows up in some of B&O Play’s other designs. You can see the A1 on the left, below, and the Andiamo on the right.

B&O Play and Tivoli Audio

The Andiamo charges through a DC power supply, and it should last for 20 hours of playback. It’ll cost $199 when it’s released this June.

We don’t have images of the Fonico wireless earbuds yet, unfortunately, but Tivoli says they’ll come with a portable charging case that’ll provide up to nine hours of battery life. The earbuds will cost $129 when they’re released this September.

Tivoli isn’t completely abandoning its audiophile-with-reliable-design-sensibilities roots, however. It’s also announcing new additions to its Art lineup, including a Wi-Fi CD player that lets users stream their CDs over connected speakers. (That is just a lot for me to process because the last time I listened to a CD was in high school, maybe, and in my car.) We don’t have pricing yet, but it’ll be released in September.

Image: Tivoli Audio

Finally, the company’s planning to release its Music System Home, which includes support for FM, DAB+ (supported countries), Bluetooth, CD, Wi-Fi, an Ethernet jack, a line output, a line input, and Alexa voice controls. We also don’t have pricing for that device, which will be released in September. I can’t tell how large it is because Tivoli didn’t provide any environmental shots, but the design does seem nice, and I could see the device as a room’s centerpiece.

Image: Tivoli Audio