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Nintendo is fixing the Switch's bad kickstand with a $20 charging dock

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The Nintendo Switch is great, but its kickstand sucks — not only is it flimsy, it only has one angle and can't be used while the system is charging because the USB-C port is on the bottom edge of the console. There are a couple of solutions out there, including an elevated stand from Hori and an expensive Twelve South option originally designed for the iPhone, and now Nintendo is attempting to fix the problem itself.

The Adjustable Charging Stand is what it sounds like: a charging dock with a kickstand of its own that can be set to various angles. You can plug the Switch's regular AC adapter into the stand for power; there's no HDMI output, mind, so this isn't a full replacement for the TV dock. Really, though, at $19.99 it might be worth picking up just to have a better kickstand. It'll be available on July 13th.