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Here’s a leaked look at the Motorola One Power’s iPhone X-like appearance

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Image: 91mobiles

A new Motorola phone called the Motorola One Power has allegedly leaked, giving us a peek at its appearance. It looks like the phone will have a different design from most Moto devices, with a wide notch on the front display and a camera and fingerprint sensor on the rear.

We first heard about the Motorola One Power through a leaked image from Android Headlines on Tuesday, which indicate that the Lenovo-owned brand is now making a new Moto device in a completely different lineup than the Moto E, G, and Z lines. From that image, we learned the Motorola One Power resembles the iPhone X in several ways: both have a notched front and a vertical dual camera placement on the back as well as curved edges. While we don’t know the specs of the Motorola One Power yet, the Android Headlines report indicates that the phone will run Android One.

The first leaked render.
Image: Android Headlines

Today’s leak is the first live image of the Motorola One Power, reported by 91mobiles, which supports what we’ve seen of the phone so far. Both the original render and the live image make it seem like the phone has a chin on the bottom of the display with the Motorola logo. In the live image, the logo is almost indistinguishable on the black model of the Motorola One Power. While the image doesn’t give much more information, it does confirm the existence of this phone, indicating that more details will come soon.