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Lenovo refreshed its Legion gaming laptop and desktop lineup

Lenovo refreshed its Legion gaming laptop and desktop lineup


With toned-down designs

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Image: Lenovo

Lenovo is patching up its Legion gaming PC lineup with six refreshed systems: the Lenovo Legion Y730 / Y530 laptops, T730 / T530 towers, and C730 / C530 cubes. They’re all built for gaming but designed for everyday use.

Basically, Lenovo wants to have a gaming offering in every popular form factor for gaming PCs — laptops, cubes, and ATX towers — all with a more mature, darker design that separates the lineup from other gaming machines that are laden with lights and striking logos.

No matter the form factor, the new Legions that Lenovo is releasing seem to be fascinated with lower-end graphics offerings, making them better suited for low- to mid-tier graphics and gaming.

Image: Lenovo

The first two machines, the Legion Y730 and Y530 laptops, feature slim bezel screens, dual-chamber cooling, up to Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050Ti GPU — which I recently found out isn’t that powerful for most games — and eighth-gen Intel Core i7 processors. An optional 144Hz full HD IPS display is offered on the Y530, while the Y730’s noteworthy feature is its Corsair iCUE RGB backlit keyboard (which features six macro “Y” keys).

The gaming cubes have 19-liter gray-colored chassis, with optional RGB system lighting, support up to a GTX 1060, 32GB DDR4 RAM, and eighth-gen Intel Core i7 processors.


Image: Lenovo

Finally, the two ATX towers are the main gaming powerhouse announcements here from Lenovo, dubbed the T730 and T530. And somehow, they only have optional GPUs up to an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060. (Again, that’s not the most powerful of the bunch.)

You can still get eighth-gen Core i7 chips, up to 32GB RAM, and dual SSDS in RAID 0 configuration on the towers, but you’ll still be bootstrapped with that graphics card.

The Y370 laptops launch in September. The 17-inch model will start at $1,249.99 and the 15-inch model will start at $1,179.99. The 15-inch Y530 will start at $929 and launch online or in Best Buy stores in July. The T370, T530, C730, and C530 desktops will all launch in August 2018, starting at $929, $829, $929, and $829, respectively.