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8Bitdo’s tiny new Bluetooth controller fits on a keychain

8Bitdo’s tiny new Bluetooth controller fits on a keychain


Perfect to carry with your Switch

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8bitdo’s retro-styled wireless Bluetooth controllers have already emerged as a natural fit for the Switch. (They’ll work with Windows, Android, and Macs, too.) This year at E3, the company unveiled a whole new lineup of controllers, and the coolest one is the Zero 2, a miniature Bluetooth controller that’s so small it can fit on a keychain.

The Zero 2 features all the buttons you’d need to play full console games in its diminutive size, along with motion controls, making it a seemingly perfect companion for the Switch when it comes out during the holiday season this year.

Also new is the N30 Pro 2, an updated version of the NES30 Pro controller that the company released last year, but it has new function buttons, vibration, and motion controls that should make it a more useful option.

Lastly, there’s the SN30 Pro+, which is 8Bitdo’s first take on a full-sized controller, complete with handles and proper triggers. It connects via Bluetooth, offers rumble, motion controls, and player icons, and it should be a pretty viable competitor to options like Nintendo’s own Pro Controller when it's released.

All three controllers come in a variety of retro-themed Nintendo finishes, and they should be out during the holiday season later this year, although no price or final release date has been announced.