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Nomad’s upgraded Lightning battery cable offers even more power

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Plus a new aluminum design

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Nomad’s original battery cable was a surprisingly brilliant idea: integrate a small battery into an iPhone charging cable to give you an extra power boost on the go. Now, the company is back with an updated version that improves on the original in a few small but useful ways.

Where the original featured a 2,350mAh battery pack, the updated model boosts that to 2,800mAh and swaps out the plastic battery housing with one made of more durable aluminum.

The USB-A to Lightning cable is 1.5 meters (roughly five feet) long and supports pass-through charging, where the cable will charge the phone first, and then refill the battery once the phone is full. It costs $49.95, which is still a bit pricey for such a small battery. But compared to buying an extra battery and iPhone cable separately, it might be worth it for the convenience.