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Logitech announces new GX Blue switch for its G512 gaming keyboard

Logitech announces new GX Blue switch for its G512 gaming keyboard


The G512 and G513 will have the GX Blue switch

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Image: Logitech

Logitech is launching a new keyboard called the G512 that features a new switch called the GX Blue. The switch is designed for mechanical keyboard users who want a sort of audible “click” feedback during actuation on the keyboard. It’s a sort of middle ground between Logitech’s tactile and near-silent linear switches. The gaming accessories brand is also providing the switch as an option for its older G513 mechanical gaming keyboard.

The top case for the Logitech G512 is made from brushed aircraft-grade 5052 aluminum, and it has an integrated USB 2.0 passthrough for power. Logitech is also hedging bets that its user base will install the new G Hub app (soon available for early-access), which incorporates all the benefits of traditional Logitech G gaming software — lighting, macros, volume control for headphones, etc. — but unified for all of Logitech’s gaming accessories.

The G512 will be available at Logitech’s website for $99 starting this month. The GX Blue option for the G513 will also be available this month for $149.