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Ring’s home security system launches next month for $199

Ring’s home security system launches next month for $199


It was supposed to come out in October

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Image: Ring

Ring is finally getting ready to release its full home security system — an alarm, keypad, and array of sensors that monitor a house while you’re asleep or away. The product, called Ring Alarm, was initially announced (and supposed to come out) last October. But after a lawsuit, a lengthy delay, and a rebranding, Ring says it’s now just about ready. Sales for the security system start today, and the product is supposed to begin shipping next month.

The big selling point here is the price: the system starts at $199, which is relatively cheap for a home security system. It only comes with a single motion sensor ($30 separately) and a single door / window sensor ($20 separately), so you’ll need to spend more to really outfit your home. But it’ll still come out to far less than many competitors’ systems. Nest, for instance, sells a similar system for $399.

This system can be used entirely DIY

Ring’s system will likely appeal first and foremost to people with more of a DIY bent when it comes to smart home gadgets. The system can be self-installed, and it’s even designed to work without a professional monitoring service. That means homeowners will have to deal with the alerts on their own, but it also means they won’t have to pay a fee.

Professional monitoring will be available for those who want it for $10 per month, which is, again, comparatively pretty cheap. It also comes with some other perks, including LTE backup should your internet go out and unlimited video backup for cameras in your house.

The service is meant to combine more traditional home security sensors with Ring’s doorbell and spotlight cameras. It’s a pretty natural evolution for Ring since the company has already been selling products meant to secure a house. But until now, none of those products were as simple as an alarm, which is pretty key to completing the picture. The systems are supposed to begin shipping July 4th.

Ring was acquired by Amazon earlier this year, filling out the online shopping giant’s increasingly large smart home selection. Though there aren’t any obvious signs of Ring’s place within Amazon changing this service — it doesn’t integrate with Amazon’s in-home delivery service, and Amazon’s own security camera isn't compatible — it’s easy to imagine where it could in the future. For now, all we’ve really seen is a price drop on Ring’s entry-level doorbell cam.

Correction June 13th, 9:35AM ET: A battery backup is included in the Ring Alarm; this story initially said it wasn’t.