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Oppo’s new Find X flagship smartphone will cost €999 and ships in August

Oppo’s new Find X flagship smartphone will cost €999 and ships in August


A pricey phone with a pop-up camera

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The Oppo Find X, the first smartphone from the Chinese electronics company to be sold in Europe and North America, will cost €999 (about $1,155 at current USD conversation rates). The pricing was announced at the tail end of Oppo’s lavish reveal event that was held at the Louvre in Paris today. That price appears to be only for the 256GB configuration, and we don’t know whether the phone will be available for less money. The device is slated to ship in August, though we don’t know yet whether that time frame is for Europe, North America, or both regions.

Prior to the Find X, Oppo phones were restricted to China, India, Philippines, and a few other Asian countries. This new model, which features an edge-to-edge display, is Oppo’s attempt to compete with top-tier handset makers like Apple and Samsung. Its most notable feature is a pop-up camera in place of a front-facing module fitted inside a display notch, as is the case on the iPhone X and a number of Android copycat devices.

It’s a controversial choice, given that it may make the phone prone to mechanical issues and dust or water damage. But it’s definitely distinctive, and it’s an interesting workaround to incorporating a front-facing camera into a bezel-less display. Oppo is also launching a Lamborghini edition of the Find X phone for €1,699 (about $1,961) with an engraved logo and superior fast charging capability.