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Loupedeck upgrades its photo editing console with better software support and more buttons

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Like a DJ console for editing photos

As someone who loves gadgets with fiddly dials and buttons, I love the idea of the Loupedeck, a bespoke console that launched last year designed specifically for one thing: editing photos in Lightroom. And now, Loupedeck is taking that year’s worth of feedback to introduce the Loupedeck+, which expands on the original with even more dials and buttons, better software, and integration with more services.

The biggest addition is the Loupedeck+ will also work with things that aren’t Adobe Lightroom, with added support for Skylum’s Aurora HDR, as well as beta integration with Capture One — with additional software integrations promised for later this year.

Loupedeck has also added more customizable dials and buttons to the device, and reworked the configuration software from scratch to be easier to use. There’s also a new “Custom Mode” that lets users fully customize the function of every dial on the console.

The Loupedeck+ is available now for $229. While it might be a little disappointing for previous customers to have their existing console made obsolete so quickly, the company is offering a consolation prize: a $50 cashback offer for owners of the original Loupedeck.