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This Nintendo Switch accessory lets you play classic arcade games vertically

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Flip Grip

There have been a handful of excellent, classic arcade games released on the Nintendo Switch that are best played vertically, as was originally intended. Titles like Ikaruga, Pac-Man, and most recently the first proper port of Donkey Kong’s arcade iteration. There’s only one problem: playing vertical games on the Switch is a nightmare, since the tablet’s kickstand and controller slots don’t support the format. But a new crowdfunded accessory could solve that problem.

It’s called the Flip Grip, and it’s essentially a grip that holds the Switch vertically, while the Joy-Con controllers slot in on the side. It’s made of a single piece of ABS plastic and features rails on either side designed to work the same as the rails on the Switch tablet. The accessory will sell for $15 if it ships, which will happen if the Kickstarter campaign is fully funded. Currently the creators are looking to raise a fairly modest $42,500 for the project.

Flip Grip
A Flip Grip prototype.
Photo: Jeremy Parish.

The Flip Grip is billed as a collaboration between longtime classic games journalist Jeremy Parish, industrial designer and engineer Mike Choi, and gaming shop Fangamer. Parish came up with the idea, Fangamer connected him with Choi, and now the three are partnering to make it a reality. “There’s no risk here — the Flip Grip is prototyped, tested, and has been approved by manufacturers,” Parish writes. “We just need to round up the money to have them strike the molds and start injecting plastics. As soon as the campaign closes (assuming it’s successful), these go into production.”

If it does get funded, the Flip Grip is expected to start shipping in November.