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Teardown shows inner workings of the Vivo Nex’s pop-up selfie camera

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And check out that vibration motor that replaces the earpiece

vivo nex s Photo by Sam Byford / The Verge

Chinese smartphone makers have gone down a clever new path to get rid of the display notch and create a truly edge-to-edge screen: they’re now building pop-up cameras into their phones. We’ve seen both Oppo and Vivo do it in the span of a few weeks, and the latter’s Nex smartphone has already been put through the teardown process at MyFixGuide.

In the shots, you can see all the mechanics and components that make the slide-up motion possible on the selfie camera. There’s a spring in there, but it’s actually the silver spiral stepper to the right that pushes the camera up. It all seems fairly well put together, but moving parts are moving parts and thus more prone to failure.

The teardown also shows the vibration motor that’s part of the Nex’s piezoelectric speaker system, which replaces the standard earpiece you get on other phones. It follows the same principle as Xiaomi’s original Mi Mix, but MyFixGuide says the approach is quite different. When so many companies are producing smartphones that are hard to tell apart, it’s neat to get a close look at some of the standouts.