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August locks can now provide key codes for Airbnb guests

August locks can now provide key codes for Airbnb guests

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If you’re staying at an Airbnb that’s equipped with an August smart lock and keypad, it should now be much easier to get in the door. August has updated its Airbnb integration so that guests will now be emailed a code, which is valid only during the time of their stay, that they can punch into the keypad to get them in the door.

Anything that can help to simplify the often confusing key-handoff process at an Airbnb is going to help the platform become easier to use. Airbnb already integrated with August smart locks in 2015, but that integration was a lot more complicated, and it required guests to download the August app. This new integration requires some setup on hosts’ part, but the interaction is a lot more natural for guests.

Airbnb has similar integrations with other smart locks, and it isn’t the first platform to get this level of integration with August. But it’s still a nice update, particularly since August’s lock is among the simpler to add on to a home and doesn’t require replacing the entire locking mechanism like many others do.

Update June 26th, 10:48PM ET: After publication, an Airbnb spokesperson emailed to say that it did not work with August on this integration and that the feature has “not been developed with or endorsed by us or Airbnb hosts.” They asked that corrections be made to this article to clarify the company’s lack of involvement. “[August is] unfortunately using our brand to promote their news/new capability without our participation/endorsement/permission,” the spokesperson wrote.

The Airbnb spokesperson also said that the video August made to promote the new feature “was not developed with our permission and violates Airbnb brand guidelines.” Airbnb, and later August, asked that we remove the video from this story. We have not removed the video, which shows a couple failing to find the key to an Airbnb before finding success with August’s keypad, however it’s hosted on August’s YouTube page and August can remove it at any time.

Though August did not work with Airbnb on the new feature, August was able to implement automatic key code generation inside its own app using its existing partnership and an Airbnb API. Airbnb said that “a bunch of other locks tap into that capability,” which has been available for “some time now.”

This story has been updated to remove language in the second sentence indicating that this was a joint announcement.