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LG says screw everything, we’re doing five cameras for the V40

LG says screw everything, we’re doing five cameras for the V40


New report says LG’s next flagship will have more cameras than ever

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Imagine this, but with even more cameras
Imagine this, but with even more cameras
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

It’s tough to stand out in the premium smartphone world, but LG may have a solution for its upcoming V40 flagship. There’s a rumor from Android Police that says the company is throwing caution to the wind and putting five cameras on its new phone, a device that will surely succeed where last year’s V30’s (and its V35 variant’s) paltry three cameras did not.

The most cameras ever on a major smartphone

According to Android Police’s source, the V40 will feature three cameras on the back of the device. It’s similar to the Huawei P20 Pro, which was the first major smartphone to offer a triple-camera system. The V40 will also feature dual cameras on the front of the device (like the HTC U12 Plus), in what’s rumored be a stereo system to follow for 3D face mapping and unlocking. While both the dual-front camera and triple-rear camera configurations aren’t new, the five-camera system would the first time we’ve seen both on a single device. If the rumor is correct, this would be the most cameras on a smartphone.

Like the V30 before it — which essentially resembled a larger G6 — the V40 is said to look similar to the G7 ThinQ. It will have a notched display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. The Quad DAC that LG featured last year will return as well as a dedicated Google Assistant button on the side and fingerprint scanner on the back.

If last year’s pace is anything to go by, LG will presumably have more news regarding the V40 sometime later this summer ahead of a fall launch. So we likely won’t have long to wait to find out more.