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The Galaxy Note 9 hits the FCC, with launch of Samsung’s next flagship presumably on the horizon

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 probably won’t be officially announced until August, if history is anything to go by. But we’re definitely getting closer to seeing Samsung’s next flagship phone, with the Note 9 passing through the FCC this week (via Android Police).

There aren’t many details in the actual filings — as is often the case with early FCC listings, most of the cool stuff is hidden behind confidentiality requests, but it’s at least a confirmation that the phone exists and is pretty close to being finalized. Also passing through the FCC is a filing for a Galaxy Tab S4, which would also make sense for a refresh sometime this summer, considering its been over a year since the Tab S3 was released. Bloomberg previously reported that Samsung was targeting an August 9th announcement for the Note 9.

As in previous years, the Note 9 is expected to be a bigger, upgraded version of the Galaxy S9 that Samsung released earlier this year. Like the S9 — itself essentially a refined S8 — the Note 9 will likely resemble an enhanced Note 8, presumably with the same shifting aperture camera upgrades that Samsung introduced with the S9, a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, and of course, an S Pen.