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What if your next wireless charger was a glowing bottle?

What if your next wireless charger was a glowing bottle?

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Bottles are good for holding liquid. Everyone knows that. I suppose maybe bottles are also good as vases for flowers, but that’s basically the same thing. Bottles are not good as decor, especially when they glow and wirelessly charge your phone.

A company called Deconnect disagrees with me. It’s currently crowdfunding a product called Gloo that’s a bottle only filled with electronic components, so it can charge devices wirelessly. Deconnect says, “Gloo is the first wireless charging station you’ll want to show off and make a centerpiece.” I don’t want to be mean, but I fundamentally disagree with this statement. Bottles as decor do not work, especially when placed on a table. I just want to pour water from it.

The largest Gloo bottle can supposedly charge up four devices — two over Qi wireless and the other two over USB. The idea is that you’ll prop the phone up against the bottle’s sides to receive a charge.


The Gloo bottle actually needs to be charged itself before you can use it as a charger. The regular bottle has a 20,000mAh battery built in, and you can either charge it through its USB port or on another wireless charging pad. Yes, you could just charge your other devices on this pad, too, but that’s no fun. The bottle is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected so you can pair it to a companion iOS / Android app to change its colors. It’s basically a wireless charging pad, a bottle, and a Philips Hue light in one.

The big vision for Gloo is to make it an evolving device. It has a connector at the top that will eventually be able to be swapped out for other accessories, like a 360-degree camera. Okay so actually, it’s a wireless charging pad, a bottle, a Philips Hue light, and a Gear 360 in one — the mutant gadget I’m sure you didn’t want. The regular Gloo starts at $119 on Kickstarter.