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Motorola will reveal its next phone on August 2nd

Motorola will reveal its next phone on August 2nd


Teasing ‘a whole new way to connect’

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Image: YouTube

Motorola is teasing a press event in August that contains a “big announcement,” likely for a new flagship smartphone. In a statement to The Verge, Motorola says the news will “change the way people use and interact with their phones.”

The event takes place in its Chicago headquarters on August 2nd at 2PM local time, and the company says it’s going to present “a whole new way to connect,” which is Motorola’s very exaggerated way of hinting that there might be new additions to its smartphone lines.

We do know that we’re anticipating more official details about the Moto Z3 and the Motorola One Power soon, so it could be either of them. The timing lines up for a Moto Z3 release, as last year’s Z2 Force was announced at a similarly mysterious event in July.