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Nintendo’s NES Classic is getting a new wireless controller in time for its relaunch

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N30 2.4G Wireless Controller for NES Classic Edition Image: 8bitdo

Nintendo is relaunching the miniature NES Classic today, but that’s not all retro fans have to get excited about. 8BitDo has also announced a new, redesigned wireless controller for the micro console, which is available today for preorder. The company previously made the best wireless option for the NES Classic back in 2016, and while the new version isn’t a huge shift, it does include a few notable improvements.

The biggest change is the addition of a dedicated home button, something Nintendo still hasn’t added, even with the SNES Classic follow-up. The gamepad also features a slightly different layout, with the four main face buttons arranged in a square, as opposed to a cross, and a new darker color scheme. Other than that, the new controller — dubbed the N30 2.4G — is virtually the same as its predecessor, with 2.4G wireless, a rechargeable battery, and a basic adaptor that makes for a simplified plug-and-play experience.

It’s not clear when the new controller will start shipping, but you can preorder now for $24.99.

N30 2.4G Wireless Controller for NES Classic Edition Image: 8bitdo.