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Asus unveils USB-C gaming headset with a quad-DAC built in

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Asus ROG Delta Type-C on the Scar II laptop at Computex 2018
Asus ROG Delta Type-C on the Scar II laptop at Computex 2018.
Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

Asus has announced a gaming headset called the ROG Delta Type-C, which as the name implies, sports a type-C USB connector. It also comes with a type-A adapter for backwards compatibility to legacy ports.

Inside, the headset has a quad-DAC array that splits the sound, with each DAC devoted to a frequency range: lows from 20-150Hz, mids from 150-5,000Hz, highs from 5,000-20,000Hz, and ultrahighs from 20,000-40,000Hz. These four signals are then combined, and Asus says the resulting SNR (signal to noise ratio — a comparison of the level of signal power to the level of background noise) is 127dB. Complementing the DACs are 50mm Essence drivers, the same seen on Asus’ Strix Fusion gaming headset.

The headset’s lighting is obviously a focal point. It’s customizable via desktop app, and although the lights will be available as a single zone upon launch, a planned update for later in the fall will split the LEDs into eight zones that can be individually programmed.

Other little touches on the headset include an LED in the analog microphone, which lights up when muted, two types of cushions, and a lighter clamping force of 515 grams, a decision which Asus says is based on feedback gathered from “internal testers, gamers, and esports pros in different regions.”

The Asus ROG Delta Type-C headset will arrive this summer, though the company has not given an exact date or price.