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Gigabyte will sell you fake color-changing RAM

Gigabyte will sell you fake color-changing RAM


And also real color-changing RAM

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Rainbow-colored RGB-lit RAM isn’t new in the world of computing. Companies like Trident have already bravely infused memory sticks with glowing lights going as far back as 2016.

Gigabyte, which announced that it will get into the RAM business at Computex this year, is taking things even further. It’s selling light-up LED-infused RAM that doesn’t even have any RAM in it.

Light-up LED-infused RAM that doesn’t even have any RAM in it

So basically, Gigabyte is selling its new AORUS RGB LED memory as a kit. Two of the sticks are 16GB (2 x 8GB) of DDR4 memory, but the other half of the bundle is two faux-RAM sticks that are made of the same aluminum housing with LEDs that can sync up with the actual RAM sticks. But they have none of the functional memory bits.

The idea is that gamers who are looking to complete their sweet, illuminated gaming rigs won’t be left with empty memory slots on their motherboard bereft of LED lighting in the event that they don’t want to spring for a full 64GB of RAM.

Gigabyte is also exploring the possibility of just selling the dummy sticks separately one day. That means that there is about a 100 percent chance that someone is going to accidentally buy a set of useless RAM to put into their gaming PC. Such are the sacrifices we make for sweet, tricked-out battle stations.

The Aorus RGB LED DDR4 kit will be out sometime in June for $229.