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Google made an AI-backed terrarium that shows weather conditions around the world

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Google is showing off another quirky experiment that takes the idea of a terrarium and makes it interactive, with the intent of bringing together conversations about tech and the natural world.

Called Project Oasis, the experiment allows you to use Google Assistant to ask about the weather in various parts of the world. Made with Pub/Sub, Dialogflow, and Actions on Google, you can ask Google Assistant things like, “What’s the weather like in San Francisco?” and the little terrarium will mimic it with light, shooting mist (to simulate fog or clouds), and even rain. It’s probably going to be stuck when it comes to snow and ice, but that’s best for the living things inside anyway. It’s a mini Biodome in your living room, essentially.

The video says you can visit GitHub to make a Project Oasis yourself, but unfortunately, the folder is empty right now.

Experiments with Google is a site Google set up to showcase some of the stuff developers have created using their AI/hardware, like an emoji scavenger hunt that you can play on your phone or the NSynth Super, Google Magenta’s AI-backed touchscreen synth.