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Nvidia CEO says next gaming GPU announcement won’t be for ‘a long time’

Nvidia CEO says next gaming GPU announcement won’t be for ‘a long time’

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It's been over two years since Nvidia launched its current generation of GeForce gaming GPUs powered by the Pascal architecture, so you could have been forgiven for expecting the successor to have surfaced around Computex this week. According to CEO Jensen Huang, however, there's still a while to wait. Speaking to reporters at a roundtable in Taipei, Huang answered a query about the next GeForce GPUs by saying that “it's a long time from now.”

The question is particularly pertinent because GPUs have represented extremely poor value for money of late due to the cryptocurrency boom skyrocketing prices. Things have settled down somewhat, but you're still likely to find yourself paying a lot of money for two-year-old technology if you want a GTX 1080, for example.

Nvidia has released some GPUs based on its next-gen Volta architecture, most prominently the $2,999 Titan V. That card is designed for AI and machine learning, however, and PC gamers have been wondering when newer technology will trickle down into more attainable, gaming-focused GPUs. Rumors suggest that the next GeForce platform may be named Turing, and the precise connection to Volta is unclear.

Huang wasn't specific about exactly how long “a long time” might be, but he proposed that people should feel free to buy Nvidia's best GeForce GPUs — still the 1080 and 1080 Ti — now that prices have come down a little. Given the huge performance leap that accompanied the last generational shift, though, that might not be comforting advice to anyone looking to build a new rig.