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Amazon might bring its Fire TV Edition smart TVs to the UK

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The UK could see Amazon’s next smart TV expansion

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Amazon may bring its Fire TV Edition smart TVs to the UK, according to a report from The Telegraph. The publication claims that a set is currently being tested by the DTG (Digital TV Group), which sets the technical standards for digital terrestrial broadcasts in the UK.

Amazon currently offers its Fire TV Sticks in the UK, but the TV (if it actually comes to market) would mark the first time that the company would offer a full smart TV experience in the UK. Currently, Amazon only offers sets from Element, Insignia, and Toshiba with the Fire TV software preinstalled in the US. According to The Telegraph’s report, the new set for the UK is being developed by “a group of Chinese manufacturers including Huawei,” which would seem to indicate a new model. We’ll presumably have to wait for Amazon to actually announce the device to find out more.