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Emporio Armani’s latest generation of Android smartwatches are available for preorder

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Using the old Snapdragon 2100 chip

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Image: Armani

Emporio Armani makes Android-based smartwatches, which are all priced around the Apple Watch’s range. While Armani smartwatches lack a touchscreen and a variety of apps, they function like luxury Fitbits, connecting back to a health and exercise Armani app on iOS and Android.

Now, Armani is coming out with a new generation of Connected watches with touchscreens, the company announced today. Each of the watches will have a 1.19-inch AMOLED display and will be powered by the dated Snapdragon 2100 chip that’s been around since 2016. Even though they look somewhat analog with stainless steel bands, they have several smart features like Google Assistant and Google Pay capabilities, heart rate tracking, water resistance, and a built-in GPS sensor for fitness tracking.

Image: Armani

The new smartwatches are available for presale today through Armani’s website. They cost between $295 and $395, and will arrive in stores worldwide in September. They come in silver, rose gold, blue, and two shades of black. The watches will also be available in China, where Google services are replaced by Alibaba’s Alipay and the Mobvoi smart assistant.